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Jakarta Plans to Build More Bicycle Lanes

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta has plans to build more bicycle lanes in the city. According to the Deputy Head of Jakarta’s Ministry of Transportation, Sigit Widjatmoko, this is a part of his party’s transportation masterplan, as reported by Republika.

“The bicycle lanes already built around Jakarta span a total of 26 kilometres, however, they are still not linked together and are scattered around the city. Because of that, our task this year is to finish the bicycle lanes as part of our transportation masterplan.” Sigit said in an interview at DKI Jakarta’s City Hall on Wednesday, February 14.

He also noted that the bicycle lanes will be linked to the Transit Oriented Development (TOD), a project that plans to connect the areas of Sudirman, Thamrin and Dukuh Atas. However, this plan is still in development.

According to Sigit, a TOD must also provide facilities for non-motorised modes of transportation. This includes pedestrian lanes and road for cyclists.

At the moment, the longest bicycle lane in Jakarta is in the Banjir Kanal Timur district and it is 17 kilometres long. As for the future of the bicycle lanes, he says that he cannot give the full scope of the plans as of now.

“We have not determined the main target of our masterplan, because we are considering the development of almost all the mass transportation systems in the city,” He added.

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