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Indonesian Government Releases a Draft Law on Alcoholic Drinks

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Indonesian Government Releases a Draft Law on Alcoholic Drinks

The draft law on the prohibition of alcoholic drinks (RUU Minol) will regulate criminal sanctions for people who consume alcoholic beverages, in the form of a maximum imprisonment of two years or a maximum fine of Rp50 million.

Such criminal sanctions or fines are contained in Article 20 Chapter VI concerning the Criminal Provisions of the Alcoholic Drinks Bill.

“Every person who consumes alcoholic beverages, as referred to in article seven is sentenced to imprisonment of at least three months and a maximum of two years, or a fine of at least Rp10million and a maximum of Rp50million,”

reads the draft regulation as downloaded from the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) website.

Article seven, chapter III regarding the prohibition referred to above, regulates that every person is prohibited from consuming alcoholic drinks in class A, with an ethanol content of one to five percent, class B with five to 20 percent ethanol content, class C with 20 to 55 percent of ethanol, traditional alcoholic drinks, and mixed or concocted alcoholic drinks. Criminal sanctions and fines for drinkers can be added if the person concerned is considered to be disturbing public order or threatening the safety of others.

As stated in article 21, point one, chapter VI concerning the Criminal Provisions of the Alcoholic Drinks Bill, imprisonment for drinking alcohol for someone who disturbs public order or threatens the safety of others will increase to a maximum of five years or a maximum fine of Rp100 million. In article 21, point two, it is stated that if the drinker is proven to have killed another person, the sentence will be multiplied by one-third of the basic sentence.

In addition to drinkers, this bill also regulates the threat of sanctions for people who produce, import, store, distribute, and sell alcohol. Article 18, chapter VI of the bill states that a person who produces alcohol can be jailed for a maximum of 10 years or a maximum fine of Rp1billion.

Meanwhile, article 19, chapter VI of the bill stipulates that people who enter, keep, distribute and sell alcohol can be subject to a maximum imprisonment of 10 years or a maximum fine of Rp1billion.

The bill on alcoholic drinks has been proposed by a number of council members, one of which was Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal from the United Development Party (PPP) faction. Illiza said the ban on alcoholic drinks was a mandate of the 1945 constitution and religious teachings.

“The bill aims to protect the public from negative impacts, create order, and peace in society from alcoholic drinkers,” Illiza again, as quoted by CNN Indonesia

Confirmation on the veracity of the Prohibition of Alcoholic Drinks Bill to a number of members of the board has not been received before this news was published.

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