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Indonesia Economic Recovery Scenario

President Joko Widodo

President Joko Widodo is aiming to flatten the curve of positive coronavirus cases this May, by any means necessary.

“Our target in May must be achieved in accordance with the target we gave, namely the curve has to go down, then enter a moderate position in June,” the president explained.

“In July, we should enter a mild position,” Jokowi said during an open plenary cabinet meeting on Wednesday 5th May.

A scenario of Indonesia’s economic recovery, which will be completed gradually over the course of five phases from June to July 2020, is believed to have been delivered on behalf of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto. However, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is yet to confirm the scenario that has already been publicised.

In these five phases, there are provisions for the opening of industries, shops, shopping centres, fitness centres, and other economic activities, as well as social activities.

Phase 1 will start on 1st June, with social distancing, mask usage, and the following of general health protocols will still be urged at this point. Stores, markets, shopping centres, and outdoor daily activities will still not be allowed, except for shops selling masks and health equipment.

A week later on 8th June, Phase 2 will still prohibit large group gatherings, as only a maximum of two people will be allowed to congregate. But stores, markets, and shopping centres may re-open when following new strict protocols on work arrangements, serving consumers, and ensuring shops don’t get crowded. These protocols exclude businesses involving physical contact such as salons, spas, etc.

However, salons, spas, and other businesses that require physical contact may start operating from 15th June as Phase 3 begins. Notably, schools will re-open following a shift system, according to the number of classes. Moreover, leniency on social activities and outdoor sports would be shown, though only for two to ten people.

A month later, social facilities such as restaurants, cafes, bars, fitness centres, etc. will be open with strict hygiene protocols as of 6th July – Phase 4. Jetsetters can finally travel to other cities but flight frequency is will still be restricted. Even religious practices in mosques, churches, temples, and so forth will be allowed, although the number of people in each holy site will still be limited. However, outdoor activities can finally be more than 10 people.

Finally, at the end of this scenario that is circulating, Phase 5 on 20th and 27th July – more places, economic activities, and social activities will open up on a large scale as they are expected to open again by the end of July or early August. While waiting for a vaccine to be developed and then disseminated, all economic activities will be next carried out on a large scale. 200505 - Leadership Speaker Series 4 LBP

Source: Liputan 6 and Detik

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