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Holywings Kemang Sanctioned for Violating PPKM

holywings kemang

Holywings Kemang in South Jakarta was raided by police and sanctioned with temporary closure, as shown in a video where a crowd can be seen being dispersed by the police on Sunday 5th September, at 1am.

Head of Public Relations for the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police, Chief Commissioner Yusri Yunus said routine health protocol raids are normal. The raids are targeting entertainment venues that are violating the government’s set of operational hours.

So far, we have carried out judicial operations, law enforcement against health protocol violators, and entertainment venues that pass hours and exceed the level 3 PPKM rules,” said Yusri.

Sanctions for Holywings Kemang have been imposed by the Greater Jakarta Municipal Police, stating the venue is temporarily closed for three days after violating the PPKM level 3 rules.

Given that DKI Jakarta’s COVID-19 vaccination rate is said to be at 100 percent, does that mean that this kind of crowd is safe?

“Of course, the risk of transmission is still high as long as there are cases. Moreover, Jakarta is still in PPKM level 3 where the transmission rate is still above 20 per 100,000 population,” explained an epidemiologist from the Association of Experts Indonesian Epidemiologist (PAEI), Dr. Masdalina Pane.

Previously, the Greater Jakarta government said that the COVID-19 vaccination, especially the first dose, had reached 100 percent of the target. In addition, Dr. Pane said that the Delta variant was known to have decreased and the COVID-19 positivity rate in in the capital was low, at 1.76 percent.

However, he emphasised that the risk of transmission is determined by the rate of transmission.

“Each indicator has its own purpose. For transmission indicators, the number of cases per week should be less than 20 per 100,000 population. As long as the transmission rate is still high, health protocols, like staying away from crowds, must be disciplined,” concluded Dr. Pane.

source video TikTok

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