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Brazilian Woman Arrested in Bali Carrying 3.9kg of Cocaine

brazilian teenager caught in bali
Brazilian Woman Arrested in Bali Carrying 3.9kg of Cocaine. Image Source: detik Bali

A Brazilian has been arrested at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport for carrying 3.9 kilogrammes of cocaine and 1.63 grams of clonazepam.

The 19-year-old Brazilian with the initials MV was arrested by officers from the Ngurah Rai Middle Type Customs and Excise Service Office (KPPBC TMP). The arrest of the woman was carried out after her Qatar Airways flight landed in Bali on Sunday, 1st January 2023 at around 3am.

We received evidence in the form of cocaine, which amounted to more than three kilograms,said Bali Police Chief Inspector General Putu Jayan Danu Putra during an activity to destroy narcotics evidence at his office on Friday, 27th January 2023.

The KPPBC TMP officer at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport initially suspected the passenger and so then conducted an interview with her, followed by checking her luggage by using an x-ray. 

Based on the x-ray image analysis, the officers found suspicious items in two grey Delsey soft case suitcases. In the first suitcase, officers found two clear plastic packages. Each package contained blue paper packaging with the words A4 CIS papel Carbon. 

They contained white powder that was suspected to contain cocaine weighing 1,100 grammes gross or 990 grammes net and 700 grammes gross or 637 grammes net.

In the second suitcase, three further packages were found. The first package was clear plastic containing blue paper packaging with the words A4 CIS papel Carbon. It contained white powder suspected of being cocaine weighing 950 grammes gross or 891 grammes net; in the second package was 750 grammes gross or 711 grammes net; and in the third plastic package weighing, there were 450 grammes gross or 379 grammes net of substance.

Besides cocaine, the officers also found a strip of packaging with the words Medley clonazepam containing four white solids. This item was found in a brown Louis Vuitton bag, which contained a class IV psychotropic preparation of the clonazepam drug weighing 1.63 grams gross or 0.72 grams net.

“The total weight of suspected class I narcotics, namely cocaine, was 3,950 grammes gross or 3,608 grammes net, and class IV psychotropics of clonazepam, weighing 1.63 grammes gross or 0.72 grammes net,” Putra said.

According to the Bali Police Chief, the arrest of the Brazilian was a result of the accuracy of KPPBC TMP officers at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport in examining airport passengers. The arrest was made without any intelligence information.

“This is the result of the thoroughness of Customs and Excise officers of I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport in examining the passengers. There was no intelligence or other information,” said Bali Police Chief.

The Brazilian girl has now been named a suspect. She is charged under article 113 paragraph 2 and article 112 paragraph 2 of law number 35 of 2009 concerning narcotics, associated with article 61 paragraph 1, and article 62 of law number 5 of 1997 concerning psychotropics.

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