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Bitcoin Robbery in Bali, Foreign Victim Seeks Help on Social Media

Bitcoin robbed in bali
Bitcoin Robbery in Bali, Foreign Victim Seeks Help on Social Media. Source instagram boitsov_life

An investor blogger named Yuri Boytsov has announced that he has been robbed in Bali in the form of bitcoins.

The perpetrators entered the courtyard of the villa where he lives.

Through his Instagram Stories, Boytsov (@boitsov_life) recounted the chronology and shared CCTV footage as evidence of what happened to him. He also “poked” President Joko Widodo and the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) chairman Bambang Soesatyo.

“Today I will talk in detail about events that are entirely in Bali. I will be very grateful for your support. I need your help,” he wrote in Indonesian and Russian, as well as tagging the accounts @jokowi, @bambang.soesatyo, and several local accounts including @explorebali and @balilivin.

According to his report on 25th February, a group of thugs attacked him. Three of them spoke Russian and one was Indonesian in a police uniform. The three entered his villa in Bali.

The perpetrators threatened him and his girlfriend. They took all passports and documents as well as hacking US$284,000 in bitcoin from the victim’s account.

After the incident, he reported to the nearest police station. At the police station, he was asked to go to the villa and show the police all the evidence of the crime.

“On the morning of 26th February, I took a video from a CCTV camera. Thanks to this, a few hours later, one of the perpetrators was arrested at the airport. He was going to take the Bali-Dubai flight,” he wrote again.

Boytsov continued his story by sharing a video from the police station with one of the suspects who become angry and kicked a table. He admitted to receiving death threats from the perpetrators.

“The perpetrators were not arrested, after a long debate, they were all released,” he said.

There is no further confirmation why the perpetrators were not arrested. However, Boytsov is still looking for help to catch all the suspects.

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