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Bali’s Villa Burglar Recidivist Arrested

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Bali villa

The perpetrator of a villa burglary in Bali has been arrested and jailed by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Badung city police after the case was reported on Tuesday 31st May 2022.

According to the Head of Badung City Police, Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant Leo Dedy Defretes, most of the villas burglarized were owned by foreign nationals. The investigation was concluded when a large amount of evidence in the form of cameras, and other valuables such as watches and jewellery were uncovered.

Usually tourists always bring a camera to travel. Likewise, watches of various brands, jewellery, camera drones, and other items,” he said.

Defretes also said that the perpetrator of the villa break-in was a repeat offender, however, the case is still under further investigation.

“Until now, the case is still being developed. Even from the results of the temporary examination, this perpetrator carried out the action alone. Dozens of stolen cameras and lenses were planned to be sold,” said Defretes.

From the results of the temporary inspection, the theft of the villas were carried out after confirming that the villa had an owner to ensure that there were items that could be stolen. The perpetrators carried out the action at 10:00pm local Bali time by prying or breaking doors and windows to retrieve items.

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