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Bali Opens for Foreign Tourists in Early 2022

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The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali Adapts to New Normal

Based on data released from the Health Ministry, in the form of a table regarding a Green Re-Opening Timeline for Ubud and Nusa Dua, it has been stated that Bali will trial opening to foreign tourists between January and March 2022.

For the opening of Bali, the ministry will coordinate with international travel agents. Meanwhile, in April, it is planned to officially open the green zone of Ubud and Nusa Dua for foreign tourists.

The head of the Bali provincial tourism office, Putu Astawa, said he had not officially received the information. However, the decision to open Bali for foreign tourists is in the hands of the central government.

“Our job is to prepare the industry,” he said.

Tourism businesses in Bali will need to wait another year to receive foreign tourists. Nyoman Suharta, a business owner in the tourism sector, admitted that he was resigned to the planned return of foreign tourists in April 2022, but he also respected the decision.

“We can only surrender if, indeed, the ministry is planning it like that, so we can’t protest. The central government should have a sense of empathy, especially for Balinese people whose lives depend on tourism,” said Nyoman Suharta.

He added that approximately 90 percent of locals depend on tourism and that it’s not only tourism workers who are affected. Sectors that support tourism such as vegetable and fruit farmers, chicken farmers, egg farmers, and others are feeling the impact.

Nyoman Suharta hopes that if new foreign tourists can only visit as of next year, the market share of domestic tourists needs to be increased, making it easier to visit Bali without PPKM.

“If we wait for one more year, at least local people should be given leeway to travel. There are no PPKM rules for entering Bali but with the disciplinary conditions that implementing health protocols might help tourism here,” he concluded.

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