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Bali Featured on List of Top 25 ‘Countries’ for Retirees

Bali Featured on List of Top 25 Countries for Retirees

Bali has been included on the list of the 25 best countries for retirees to live in, according to research conducted by International Living magazine.

The research, titled Annual Global Retirement Index 2022, was released on 1st January 2022. International Living compiled a list of places in the world that are considered the most suitable for retirees to live in.

This means that living in these places tends to make a retiree live a healthier and happier life, by spending less and getting more benefits or positive things.

In the list of the best 25 countries/places for retirees, Bali is ranked 16th, just below Malaysia and above Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The breakdown of scores for Bali is as follows:

  • Housing – 58
  • Senior citizen benefits and discounts – 72
  • Visa and residence processes – 56
  • Entertainment – 79
  • Development – 64
  • Climate – 62
  • Healthcare – 70
  • Governance – 64
  • Opportunity – 70
  • Cost of living – 95

This assessment resulted in Bali’s overall score of 69.

Here’s the complete list of 25 countries that are considered the best for retirees to live in, according to International Living research:

  1. Panama 
  2. Costa Rica 
  3. Mexico 
  4. Portugal 
  5. Ecuador 
  6. Colombia 
  7. France 
  8. Malta 
  9. Spain
  10. Uruguay 
  11. Thailand 
  12. Ireland 
  13. Peru 
  14. Cambodia 
  15. Malaysia 
  16. Bali 
  17. Sri Lanka 
  18. Vietnam
  19. Italy 
  20. Belize 
  21. Roatan 
  22. Dominican Republic 
  23. Croatia
  24. Bolivia 
  25. Nicaragua

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