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Automatic Extensions to PSBB If COVID-19 Cases Keep Increasing

Automatic Extensions to PSBB If COVID-19 Cases Keep Increasing

Anies Baswedan, DKI Jakarta’s Governor has issued a decree concerning the extension of large scale social restrictions (PSBB) during the transition period.

PSBB is currently due to end on 10th September after being extended another two weeks on 28th August.

However, in an announcement made on 31st August, Baswedan confirmed that the extension of PSBB may take effect automatically if COVID-19 cases in Jakarta continue to increase significantly.

“In the event that there is no significant increase in new COVID-19 cases during the PSBB period, an extension may only last until 10th September. The COVID-19 Task Force will determine the conditions for PSBB from 11th September to 14th September,” said Anies.

An automatic extension of PSBB will allow the government to extend PSBB until whenever they deem necessary, as opposed to the 14-day intervals it has been set previously. Health protocols will also be stricter.

The Head of Disease Prevention and Control Division reported an additional 1,029 COVID-19 cases on 31st August.

Source: Liputan

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