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Urban Cyclists Congregate at Velofest at Kuningan City Mall


Cycling is becoming increasingly popular. The phenomenon has even evolved to be part of a community lifestyle, especially in urban areas that support healthy lifestyles. Recognising this, Kuningan City presents Velofest with the theme “A Celebration of All Things Cycling”, which will be held on 13-15th December 2019.

It aims to support and create a healthy lifestyle through cycling activities, as well as an incubator to unite bike enthusiasts in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.

“Velofest is the innovation of Kuningan City with Orange Lab, as the brand owner of Velofest, to hold the first and biggest bicycle festival in the shopping mall. This event is a part of Kuningan City’s commitment to always present the best for our loyal visitors, and continue to accommodate the trends that are popular with urban people,” said Centre Director of Kuningan City, Christopher Hardja.

During the three-day event, visitors will be presented with a Bicycle Exhibition from famous shops and brands such as Build A Bike, Techobike, Pro Bicycle, Bike Kita, and d’loops at the mall’s ground floor level. Various other interesting experiences, ranging from bike photography, bazaars, and an auction will take place and then there will be meet and greet sessions with famous national athletes, plus an opportunity to do a bike fitting with a professional.

“There are a variety of reasons behind the selection of bicycles as a healthy lifestyle solution in an urban setting, ranging from congestion solutions, building togetherness, even becoming a symbol of social status. But whatever the reason is, it’s vital to be aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle to give a positive impact to the improvement of productivity and performance of society,” General Manager of Indonesian Sport Bike Association, Andhika A. Hermanto, said.

Meet and greet session

Visitors who purchase bicycles or bicycle components during Velofest will also be facilitated by the presence of expedition services, Ninja Xpress. The cooperation between Kuningan City Mall and Ninja Xpress will allow buyers to use freight services to their respective destinations for free.

“We look at bike enthusiasts who need apparel and good quality accessories, but local brands have good quality with minimal support in reaching a wider market. Taking this momentum, Ninja Xpress collaborates with Castle, a local brand selling apparel and accessories for cyclists, to launch its latest jersey product, Horizon. As technology-based delivery services that connects the nation, Ninja Xpress hopes this collaboration can unlock wider access so local brands like Castle are better known throughout the country,” said Chief Marketing Officer of Ninja Xpress, Andi Djoewarsa.

The cyclist community can also expand their network. The opportunity to meet and chat directly with various communities is opened up to all visitors, some of which are: WCC, Women’s Cycling Club; JKTCC, Jakarta Cycling Club; KGB, Kelapa Gading Bike; Binloop, Bintaro Loop; and SACC. In addition, the event will also showcase Bike Photography from professional photographers such as Jacky Suharto, Wito Nugroho, and B. Benjamin.

Kuningan City Mall also collaborated with to create a social activity in the form of 785 HUEZ Bike Auction programme that will be held during the three-day event.

“We hope that Kuningan City is able to solidify our step as a mall concept of urban lifestyle playground that emphasises the vision of being a hub for the community, fashion lovers, lovers of art, and culinary lovers,” said Hardja.

Visit for more details and follow @velofest.ID on Instagram and Velo Fest on Facebook.

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