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Golf Should Be Fair

Golf Should Be Fair

Golf Should Be Fair

With all the talk of equipment bans, golf balls that fly too far, and the various rule changes, it has occurred to me that golf is simply too difficult a game! With 34 rules, 100 sections and subsections and over 2,000 explanatory decisions, golf is the most complicated and “unfair” game in of all sport. Golf is not fair, and far too often the cause of frustration to both amateur and pro alike! Something needs to be done!

Is it really fair, for example, that some players get the yips under pressure and need a broomstick in order to putt? Is it fair that older players often have bellies? Is it really fair that a player must withdraw from a tournament, just because he/she signed the wrong score card? Something needs to be done about all these pesky rules and regulations. Golf should be fair!

With that in mind, I would like to offer my suggestions to both the Royal and Ancient and USGA. Here are some rule changes worth considering.

1. Rule #35- Play it as “you like”. Why should you be penalized for a bad lie? For example, you just hit a perfect drive down the middle of the fairway; is it really your fault the ball landed in a divot! Now you are free to improve your lie. This new rule also applies anywhere on the course, including the ruff and hazards.

2. Rule #36- Clubs- anchored to the body- i.e. the “Belly” and “Broomstick” putter. Why shouldn’t players use any type of club they wish? I could even see the use of Velcro straps and shoulder harnesses for broomstick and belly butters. It isn’t fair that some players get the yips.

3. Rule #37- No water hazards. Effective immediately, all lakes, ponds, rivers and streams should be drained of water. Why should a player be penalized for an errant tee or approach shot?

4. Rule #38- No OB. The out of bound stakes will be removed and players are allowed to play anywhere they find their ball. Players are also allowed to drop a new ball without penalty, if their original ball is not found.

My last suggestion is a change in which I’m sure everyone can agree. This much needed change is so obvious, I’m surprised nobody has proposed it until now.

5. Rule #39- Make the hole bigger. Here is an example where size really does matter. At 4.25 inches, the hole dimensions are simply too small and unfair. The R&A hasn’t addressed hole size since I891. Isn’t it about time the R&A take up the issue again and make the hole bigger so it is more fair? I would propose an increase to an even 18 inches in diameter; now that would be more fair.

I am confident that my proposed changes to the rules, and the game, will make golf more user friendly and certainly less frustrating! I welcome your suggestions, too. Feel free to forward any idea that would make golf easier and less frustrating. I’m sure the R&A will appreciate new ways to make golf fairer.

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