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Nasi Bakar, Indonesian Comfort Food Presented by The Caf?

The Café
Nasi Bakar, Indonesian Comfort Food Presented by The Caf?

Jakarta is looking gloomier and mistier than usual. No, it’s not the infamous dangerous air pollution shadowing the capital’s tall skyscraper this time – it’s rainy season!

I’m one of those people who seek comfort food during the rainy season.

The Indonesian versions of heart-warming dishes are definitely not to be missed. There are tons of soups, rice, and noodle dishes to choose from. It gets overwhelming at times so it’s nice to know a one-stop eatery spot like The Café at The Mayflower, Jakarta – Marriott Executive Apartments.

The Cafe
Wayang, Classical Javanese Puppet at The Cafe

You can find The Mayflower, Jakarta – Marriott Executive Apartments in the heart of whimsical Jakarta, connected to Sudirman Plaza and amidst the central business district surrounding the HI Roundabout. Its food and beverage outlet, The Café, is on the lobby level, opposite the residence’s reception area.

The Café is a compact, rectangular area, only offering indoor dining. During micro PPKM, it accommodates 50 percent of its capacity, narrowing down options to five tables with a total of 10 diners allowed.

Residents and executives working around the Sudirman area regularly patronise The Café, especially during lunch breaks, since its opening in 2007. Diners are served with an array of local and international delicacies amongst its modern ambience, set according to the Marriott standards; decorated by Indonesian-inspired oil paintings hung on the walls, Javanese wayang figures, and mini gamelan instruments, as well as shelves filled with colourful kerupuk backed by a shiny-black display wall. The Café truly caters to an intimate and indulgent dining experience.

Since Marriott had the vision to boost Indonesian cuisine across its properties, this residence’s Head Chef, Angga Febrian, has concocted several enticing dishes. He has dedicated more than a decade to travel around the Middle East, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, to work at bountiful five-star hotels, living for his true passion in the kitchen. He’s back in his homeland now and is eager to explore and experiment further with local ingredients to make diners fall in love – or love even deeper – with Indonesian cuisine.

You don’t have to live at this residence, nor work nearby, to get your hands on Chef Angga’s take on local comfort foods. The Café provides orders and delivery right to your front door too.

So, what has Chef Angga prepared?

Let’s start with the crowd-pleaser: The Business Lunch Package starting from Rp75,000 nett. Perhaps you require a new menu for your next virtual or offline company meeting? Well, this package is right for you! It’s a crowd favourite amongst executives because of its mouth-watering Indonesian comfort foods such as The Café’s best-selling Nasi Ayam Bali and Rawon Iga Sapi. In fact, Chef Angga revealed his personal favourites are these dishes as well.

Nasi Bakar Ikan Cakalang
Nasi Bakar Ikan Cakalang

Next is Nasi Barbar, short for nasi bakar banyak rasa. Savour the rice mixed with spices covered by banana leaf and left to grill, served with flavourful vegetables, fish, chicken, squid, etc. Seven different variations of Nasi Barbar are available, presented with tempeh, tofu, salad, and a drink for Rp45,000 nett. Yes, you read it correctly – a full meal, set to keep you satiated and happy, for below Rp50,000!

Try the Nasi Bakar Ayam Rica-Rica, Nasi Bakar Cakalang, and Nasi Bakar Vegetarian on a misty afternoon. Ayam Rica-Rica is known for its burst of exotic herbs and spices used to create a dark yellow colour. Spicy for some tongues, but this shredded chicken in a spoonful of rice and soft tempeh will make you forget about your spicy horror experiences. Meanwhile, the cakalang variant, a type of fish commonly eaten in Eastern Indonesia, looks red and spicy. Worry not; it has a surprisingly sweet flavour embodying the thick, brown-coloured fish meat. If you’re a plant-based eater, the vegetarian version incorporates greens and mushrooms sauteed on the side.

“Nasi Bakar is currently on-trend. It’s delicious, easy to cook, and has become a familiar dish in Indonesia,” said Chef Angga. He suggested to refresh up with some of the drinks that come along with the set, namely cranberry tea, ginger crunch, and coffee spritzer.

Nasi Bakar Ayam Rica Rica
Nasi Bakar Ayam Rica Rica

Chef Angga explained that “localising foods is another way to focus and embrace this country’s beauty. Food is something kept near and dear to our hearts, regardless of where we are. I want diners at The Café to experience some of the much-loved delicacies Indonesia has.”

Indonesian comfort foods are not only highlighted at The Café. Valentine’s Day may have passed, yet the romantic dinner for two promotion has stuck around. For Rp250,000 nett, you won’t have to turn your kitchen upside down to create a loving, intimate dinner with your significant other. After all, love isn’t expressed solely on Valentine’s Day.

Tenderloin Steak
Tenderloin Steak at The Cafe Mayflower Jakarta

This Valentine-inspired dinner presents two options of appetisers, main courses, and desserts respectively to choose from. Cranberry tea is included as well. Devour the salted pickle, tenderloin steak, and red bean strudel if you need an idea. The pickled bean sprouts and carrots are light and refreshing; the tenderloin steak is cooked to medium-well perfection; and the sweet raspberry sauce dominates the thick red bean paste, covering the croissant-like pastry on top.

A wholesome meal may not be what you’re seeking. Perhaps you’re in the mood to have some cold bottles of beer and munch on light snacks without the fear of mass crowds, or at least go anywhere else but home to enjoy some beers. Beer Craze it is then. Get two bottles of beer, either Heineken or Bintang, plus one snack of French fries, mini burger, or mini pizza for merely Rp100,000 nett!

The Café is truly a one-stop destination to get your comfort foods, be it Indonesian or western. Expect to spend Rp60,000-350,000 when you dine in or order for delivery. After exploring Indonesian comfort foods, which one is your favourite?


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