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McDonald’s Indonesia Introduces Nasi Goreng Burger and More

McDonald?s Indonesia Introduces Nasi Goreng Burger and More

Do you want to try the fried rice-flavoured burger, ice cream-flavoured es teler, or durian iced coffee?

McDonald’s Indonesia has issued a new menu “This Is Our Taste!” that incorporates favourite Indonesian delicacies into the main dishes, side dishes, and desserts.

Sutji Lantyka, Associate Director of Communications for McDonald’s Indonesia – Rekso Nasional Food said,

“Fried rice is one of the favourite foods in Indonesia, and we feel that if the taste of fried rice is combined with a burger, it will be an interesting taste and fit our menu theme, This is Our Taste,” said Sutji.

Sutji added that every new menu that was presented had been prepared from at least a year earlier, starting with internal and external research. However, this menu is only available for a limited time, from 3rd August to 3rd September 2020.

One of the main dishes in this new menu is the nasi goreng burger available in two flavours: the fried rice burger and the special fried rice burger.

This beef burger is complemented with cucumber and onions, flanked by warm special bread. For a special fried rice burger, there is an additional egg in it.

The french fries also get a touch of Indonesian flavour which is provided by the special seasoning of the Shake Shake Gulai Gurih.

As a refreshing drink, the Tamarind Soda has the familiar Javanese soda combined with lemon soda, complete with tamarind topping.

Another drink is bottled tea or the botoh which comes in the form of a complementary dressing for the vanilla McFlurry ice cream. There are two toppings available for this ice cream: old school cake topping in the form of cinnamon cake crumbs, as well as oreo crumbs topping.

In addition, there is a vanilla ice cream Cone Top Es Teler which is a blend of fruit flavours complete with a distinctive light green colour. The flavour of this es teler ice cream is a combination of avocado, coconut, and jackfruit wrapped in a pink cone.

Coffee and durian lovers can enjoy both of their favourite flavours in a glass of durian iced coffee which is available with the addition of float and jelly toppings.

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