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Indonesia One of Instagram’s Most Popular Cuisines

Indonesia One of Instagram’s Most Popular Cuisines

Indonesian cuisine is listed as Instagram’s eighth most popular cuisine in the world, according to research conducted by Chef’s Pencil.

Instagram isn’t just a social media platform to showcase its users’ best photos or business. Along with connecting with millions of people, it’s been used by many to research food from around the world.

Visual presentations like recipes, appealing images and videos, live cooking shows, and more have made Instagram a platform for users to become creators amongst millions of foodies online.

Chef’s Pencil, a food magazine featuring delicious recipes, gifted chefs, fantastic restaurants, and news from the culinary industry, decided to analyse Instagram tags to understand the types of cuisine and foods that are on-trend worldwide.

From the research, Chef’s Pencil found the top food hashtags of  2020 were

#Food, #FoodPorn, #Yummy, #Foodie, and #Delicious.

Moreover, the research showed that Indonesian cuisine featured in the top ten, sitting next to other Asian and Western delights. It even beat some of the world’s highest-regarded cuisines such as French, Greek, and Peruvian cooking.

“A survey conducted across 250 chefs by Chef’s Pencil last year ranked Southeast Asia as the region with the most underrated food in the world.

The chefs we interviewed felt that Southeast Asia deserves more respect and higher recognition in the culinary world,” said a Chef’s Pencil statement.

The following are the most popular cuisines on Instagram, as reported by Chef’s Pencil:

  1. Japanese – 15.523 million tags
  2. Italian – 14.720 million tags
  3. Indian – 8.589 million tags
  4. Korean – 7.524 million tags
  5. Thai – 7.324 million tags
  6. Mexican – 6.708 million tags
  7. Chinese – 6.489 million tags
  8. Indonesian – 3.815 million tags
  9. Vietnamese – 2.845 million tags
  10. Filipino – 1.661 million tags
  11. French – 1.513 million tags
  12. Greek – 1.509 million tags
  13. Peruvian – 1.110 million tags
  14. Spanish – 1.093 million tags
  15. Turkish – 1.076 million tags

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