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Hammersonic 2023 Successfully Rocks Jakarta

Hammersonic 2023
Hammersonic 2023 Successfully Rocks Jakarta. Image Source: instagram/@hammersonicfest

After a three-year hiatus, Hammersonic, known as Southeast Asia’s largest rock music festival, returned to Jakarta on 18-19th March 2023, exhibiting well-known metal and rock bands.

Held at Carnaval Ancol, Jakarta, Hammersonic 2023 utilised a larger space to enhance the rock and metal atmosphere. Ravel Entertainment also collaborated with Aero Trans to provide shuttle services for “Hammerheads” to enter and exit the venue, ensuring easy access to the festival.

There were numerous bands, both international and local bands, performing at the festival, such as Slipknot, Trivium, Watain, Story Of The Year, Black Flag, Vio-lence, Amon Amarth, Tiny Moving Parts, Deadsquad, Burgerkill, DJ SIHK, Rocket Rockers, and St Loco, to mention only some of them.

Slipknot concluded the festival with a spectacular performance. This most-awaited band has never failed to entertain their fans. Their performance was really special since they will only be performing in Southeast Asia at Hammersonic until mid-2023.

Metalheads not just hailing from Jakarta came to Hammersonic this year. Several expats residing in other parts of Indonesia purposely travelled to the capital to see Slipknot, as well as other bands.

This is my first time attending Hammersonic Festival so I’m feeling very excited. I can’t wait to see Slipknot. But I’d also like to see Burgerkill and St Loco,” said Sean, an American living in Yogyakarta.

I come to see Hammersonic Festival after I heard that Slipknot is going to perform here. So, I have been planning this since two or three months ago. I like the venue because it’s big so that I can walk around and the situation is not that crowded so I still got some space to chill,” expressed Fyodor, a Russian residing in Bali.

I would love to see Burgerkill, Story of the Year, and of course, Slipknot. This is my second time coming to Hammersonic Festival. I bought the ticket two years ago and unfortunately, the festival was postponed. I’m very excited it is finally held this year since this is like a major gathering of all metal enthusiasts,” said Indra.

Hammersonic 2023 did not only feature an explosion of music and lighting powered by hundreds of thousands of watts and massive LED screens but it also featured a number of thrilling spectacles that added to the grand festival experience. The Hammersonic Talk and the Hammersonic Comedy Show were new additions to the event. To promote regeneration, the Hammersonic Talk showed inspirational sessions with rock music icons and local bands from the community and region. Furthermore, the Hammersonic Award honoured outstanding Indonesian rock musicians and inspire them to keep creating masterpieces.

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