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Volunteer “Pocong” to Keep People Inside

Volunteers Deri Setyawan, 25, and Septian Febriyanto, 26, sit on a bench as they play the role of 'pocong', or known as 'shroud ghost', to make people stay at home amid the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), outside the gate of Kepuh village in Sukoharjo regency, Central Java province, Indonesia, April 1, 2020. REUTERS/Stringer

Mysterious white figures have been spotted jumping out on an unsuspecting passerby in Kepuh Village, Indonesia.

Locally known as “Pocong”, the ghost is typically wrapped in white shrouds with a white-powdered face and dark eyes. “We wanted to be different and create a deterrent effect because pocong are spooky and scary,” said Anjar Pancaningtyas, head of a village youth group that coordinated with the police on the unconventional initiative to promote social distancing as the coronavirus spreads.

The pocong are used as a replacement for patrols to keep the villagers inside during this period of social distancing, hoping the old superstitions will work. However, it turned out to be the opposite; many villages have bought them out instead.

Thus, the authorities have changed their tack, by launching surprise pocong patrols.

“Since the pocong appeared, parents and children have not left their homes,”

said resident Karno Supadmo, “and people will not gather or stay on the streets after evening prayers.”

Who knew that these kinds of tricks could keep the villagers in!

Source: The Star

Image: Physicians Weekly

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