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Two Indonesian Islands for Sale Online

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Two Indonesian Islands for Sale Online

Two islands in the Indonesian archipelago are apparently for sale after they were found to be listed on, a website that specializes in island property sales.

The international property website, which is managed by Ontario-based Private Island Inc., has the islands of Ajab in Riau Islands province and Tojo Una Una in Central Sulawesi, included in its listings.

On the website, Ajab Island is described as an undeveloped 30-hectare property with a white sandy beach located only 20 minutes by boat from Bintan Island. Ajab Island is priced at US$3.3 million (Rp.44 billion) under a freehold title.

In contrast, Tojo Una Una Island does not come with a set price. The island is being advertised “upon request” with a leasehold title. Tojo Una Una Island is located only 10 minutes from the nearest island of Wakai. Tojo Una Una is described as an undeveloped island that is surrounded by pristine waters and coral reefs that are ideal for diving.

“This large 3,000+ acre island has been in the family for over 120 years and is remote, but accessible enough to create the perfect tourism destination,” according to the website.

The sale of the island, however, has been denied by Tojo Una Una Deputy Regent Admin Lasimpala. Speaking to Sindonews, he stressed that no island in his region was being sold.

Tojo Una Una Island photo courtesy of @kabar.touna on Instagram

For further reading on Indonesian islands that were traded or sold in the past, click here.

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