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Top 5 Traditional Markets in Indonesia

Floating Market (Source: Kompas)

Indonesia has many traditional markets that you can find in every province.

Some of them are very large, unique, inexpensive, and well-known. Not surprisingly, traditional markets cater all kinds of needs, ranging from traditional culinary to various souvenirs typical of the local area. You can choose which type of traditional market you prefer when visiting some areas in Indonesia.

Which traditional markets are unique and the most famous in Indonesia? Here’s the list!

Beringharjo Market (Source: Ratna Amalia)

1. Beringharjo Market, Yogyakarta

In Yogyakarta, Beringharjo market is one of the destinations that must be visited when you come to the City of Students. This market is the oldest one, having existed since 1925.

The name Beringharjo was chosen by Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX because in the past this area was a banyan forest. In addition, the name also has meaning that the banyan forest being expected to provide prosperity for the people of Jogja. In this market, various daily necessities are sold, starting from clothes, batik cloth, handicrafts, and also delicious local culinary.

You can find gudeg, pecel, gethuk, and other traditional dishes of Yogyakarta. You can try the different specialties since they are very cheap.

Floating Market (Source: Kompas)

2. Floating Market, Banjarmasin

The floating market in Banjarmasin is unique. As the name implies, this market does not stand on land but rather floats on the water of the Kuin River. Not only interesting to be a place of shopping, many visitors come because they want to experience the boat ride while eating snacks.

Every morning, sellers and buyers gather on the river using wooden boats called jukung. Various raw materials become commodities ranging from vegetables, fruits, to breakfast menus. Because of this uniqueness, the floating market seems to be part of the culture of the people of Banjarmasin, Kalimantan.

Tomohon market (Source: Tempo)

3. Tomohon Market, Manado
Tomohon Market is the most famous market in the city of Manado, located in North Sulawesi. This market is known for selling various extreme meats. Yes, the variety of meat sold in this market is not the usual foods consumed, such as beef or chicken.

In Tomohon Market, there are stalls selling meat of cat, rat, bat, and even snake, that is ready to be cooked. It’s a very unusual sight when compared to ordinary markets. Not many tourists who are curious about the atmosphere of this market, but many also immediately feel sick and disgusted to see the unusual commodities in this market.

Sukawati Art Market (Source: Jejak Piknik)

4. Sukawati Art Market, Bali
For those of you who want to buy traditional Balinese clothing and crafts at very cheap prices, you must visit Sukawati Art Market. This market is located in Sukawati Village, Gianyar Regency. If you want to visit this market, it is advisable to come in the morning because at that time Sukawati Art Market is still quiet so you can be free to bargain the price.

In addition, according to Balinese belief, if the shop is newly opened and someone has already bought from it, the shop will be in demand on that day.

Gedebage market (Source: Republika)

5. Gedebage Market, Bandung
Bandung is touted as the city of fashion. In this city, you will find that there are many boutiques and factory outlets that offer the latest fashion ranges.

The most famous traditional market is the Gedebage Market. This market is also known as a secondhand clothing center in Bandung. This traditional market is certainly a paradise for those of you who want to find a variety of super-cool clothing at bargain prices. Not surprisingly, Gedebage Market has become very popular in Indonesia.

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