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Politician’s Car Explodes, Kills Two In Aceh

A politician’s car exploded in Aceh, killing two and leaving five others seriously injured. The car owner’s wife is reportedly behind the bombing.

On Saturday, a grenade detonated inside the car of Mansyur Ismail, a member of the Bener Meriah Legislative Council. Ismail’s car was passing by the village of Alur Punti at the Bener Mieriah regency of Aceh when the explosion occurred.

Reports indicate that blast came from inside the vehicle that is now impounded, and under further investigation. Speaking to Kompas, Bener Meriah police chief Deden Soemantri revealed his analysis on the car explosion:

“We can see that the inside of the car is badly damaged, while the outer part is not. So our preliminary conclusion is that the explosive device, probably a grenade, detonated inside the car.”

This morning, authorities apprehended a suspect, who is none other than Ismail’s wife. A spokesperson from the Aceh police headquarters claimed that she had help from her younger sibling, who is currently still on the run.

“The results from the investigation have arrived at the conclusion that the suspect [known only to the public by her initials SZ] is the mastermind behind the Innova car explosion. She ordered her younger sibling [known only to the public by the initials AF] to execute the bombing. This person remains a fugitive. SZ has been detaine at the Bener Meriah police station,” said Kombes Pol Goenawan.

Goenawan revealed that a family conflict motivated SZ to plan the murder. SZ was reportedly offended by her stepdaughter, who died in the explosion.

The incident also killed a five-year-old child named Nana Kibi. Five passengers were immediately admitted to the hospital after suffering from injuries.

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