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Over 100 Inmates Escape from Riau Prison

A riot in Siak district

More than 100 prison inmates have escaped from a jail in Siak district in the province of Riau, Sumatra.

The prisoners reportedly fled from the jail early morning on 11th May, after rioting broke out and a fire started detention centre. CCTV footage has also confirmed that the jail had been engulfed by flames.

After a massive manhunt, 115 prisoners have been recaptured. Riau province police chief, Widodo Eko Prihastopo, said that the police, along with members of the army, are still searching for the rest of the runaway inmates.

The rioting was triggered after several guards were caught beating up inmates who were found to be using methamphetamine. A policeman was reportedly shot during the rioting.

Source: Channel News Asia
Image: Daily Mail

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