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Instagram: No Plans to Release ?Latest Posts?

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Instagram is working on a new feature called “latest posts” for users who often experience fear of missing out, or FOMO, posts from the people they follow.

Quoted from Tech Crunch, this “latest posts” feature will be a pop up that appears in the main feed and redirects users to a page that displays the latest content from their network on Instagram. The prototype was discovered by tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong who then captured it in a number of screenshots.

Instagram confirmed that it’s actually testing the prototype internally, developed from a Hackathon event that was recently held by the tech firm. “This is the initial prototype from our Hackathon. It’s not publicly available, and at the moment we don’t have a plan to launch it,” stated Instagram.

This kind of function is not something new. In 2016, Instagram once tried to apply the display of feeds that are chronologically reversed, that is from old posts to newer ones, so people didn’t miss seeing old posts from their followers’ accounts.

Instead, it forced all users to scroll through an algorithmic feed that Instagram would like to love and briefly triggered a protest from the users. Some users think they missed the post that they wanted to see, some also claimed the time stamp that was shown on a post was confusing.

Instagram has also tried to make sure users see all people’s posts they follow by embedding “You’re All Caught Up” into the feed. This feed will take you to all posts published within the past 48 hours and allow users to stay updated on Instagram.

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