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Indonesia’s Biggest Reggae Festival Soon in Bali

Reggae Festival
Indonesia's Biggest Reggae Festival Soon in Bali

The biggest reggae festival in Indonesia will be held in Bali on Saturday, 6th August 2022.

The festival event is called Katchafest and is predicted to be the largest reggae music festival in Indonesia. Attendance is expected to be upwards of 10,000 people.

This reggae festival is planned to be held at the Cattamaran Beach Club, which has now changed its name to TT Beach Club. The venue is located on the edge of Melasti beach, Ungasan.

Katchafest is planned to be played by a legendary reggae band from New Zealand who has successfully released five studio albums and received many awards, platinum discs, best-selling singles, and has a large fan base, namely Katchafire.

Not only that, a number of well-known reggae stars from the archipelago will also enliven the biggest reggae festival this year such as Ras Muhamad, Ulu Roots, and several other prominent DJs.

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