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Indonesian Central Statistics Agency: Human Development Index rises to 71.39 in 2018

Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS)

The Central Statistics Agency of Indonesia (BPS) has revealed that the country’s Human Development Index (IPM) has managed to reach 71.39 in 2018 – showing an increase of 0.58 points or 0.82 per cent compared to the previous year (2017) at 70.81.

In a press conference at his office, Head of BPS, Suhariyanto said that the IPM has been showing a positive trend since 2010. However, the figure is still slightly lower than the government’s target, which was set in the state budget (APBN) at 71.50. Despite missing the target, the margin is relatively small. These figures still clearly show that the country’s IPM is showing an upward trend.

“Although it was a little bit lower than the target, the trend is on the right track,” the BPS head said.

Source: Kompas
Image: Merdeka

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