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How to Have Your Own Car Without Owning a Car


We’re not out of the woods quite yet with the pandemic, but we saw a huge pick-up in domestic travel over the Christmas holidays and judging by the Jakarta traffic, WFO appears to be making a major comeback.

Whether for work or play: there is a huge demand for transportation. Finding a credible, affordable car rental service on holiday is always a challenge. And we need the convenience of a ride to work but we may not want the hassle of owning a car – a growing preference among millennials. Generally speaking, what you are looking for is the flexibility to get your hands on the car that perfectly meets your needs for that specific moment, without having to worry about monthly lease instalments, insurance and maintenance.

If any of this rings true for you, go to your app store and download an app called TREVO for free. Here you’ll find a massive marketplace of over 10,000 cars, from over 30 different brands – everything from a Xenia to a Tesla. The app match-makes potential users or “guests” like yourself with trusted car-owners or “hosts”. TREVO is all about choice: big car or small car? Do you need a car for a day, week or month? Would you rather rent a car without a driver? The choice is yours.

Making these choices is as simple as inputting some personal data in the app and taking a selfie holding a valid driver’s license. Within hours you’ll be eligible to rent a vehicle from one of three primary markets: Jakarta, Bali and Bandung. (Surabaya, Semarang and Yogyakarta – the next three hotspots for 2022!). The key is to plan ahead:

Arrive in Bali and have a car waiting for you at the airport, ready to take you to your favourite surf spot in Uluwatu. Keep the car for the entirety of your trip, and your host makes a decent amount of extra cash. Things are just as easy in a work context. Have a full day ahead of you tomorrow? Best rent today and have the car delivered to your doorstep by morning. Need a car with an odd-numbered plate the day after? Repeat the booking process. TREVO also gives peace of mind to its guests as every car comes with a free sanitation kit containing face masks, wipes and hand sanitiser.

Now say you are a car-owner but you work mostly from home. Rather than have your car gather dust in the garage, you can become a TREVO host and make some extra income. Say you own a 2018 Toyota Avanza: through the app, you could rent the car out for around  Rp400,000 per day. If you rent for 17 days in a month, you would pocket Rp5 million with minimum effort. Keep renting out your car at the same rate for an entire year and you can make Rp60 million in earnings. Worried about accidents or theft? Every car on the platform can be fully insured and outfitted with a GPS tracker.

TREVO’s marketplace model is designed to offer a win-win solution to those in need of a ride and to those who have a spare ride. Whichever side you stand on: you win.

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