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Finnish Tourist Found Dead on Gili Meno

The joint Search and Rescue Team (SAR) has found a Finnish tourist named Marcos Emil Alexander, aged 25, dead in the waters of Gili Meno, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, on Sunday 26th January 2020.

“The victim was found after diving into the sea. Next, the victim was evacuated to Bangsal Harbor, before being taken to the NTB Regional Police Bhayangkara Hospital,” said Head of the Mataram Search and Relief Office, Nanang Sigit.

According to the office, the incident began when the victim along with 13 of his friends went snorkelling in the waters off Gili Meno’s turtle point on Saturday 25th January 2020. The victim was reported missing by a boatman at around 17:15 WITA. The crew carrying the victims immediately searched in the surrounding area.

The Mataram Search and Relief Office, which received a report, immediately mobilised personnel from the Bangsal Siaga Post to conduct a joint search effort with the Mataram KPP Rescue Team, and members of the Navy.

The search process on the first day did not produce results, so the efforts resumed on Sunday. The Mataram KPP Rescue Team, and the Bangsal Alert Post conducted dives and searches according to the Sarmap renops, with the addition of personnel from the Mataram KPP, and the RIB 02 Mataram Alut.

“After diving, the victim was found dead. The location of the discovery was around the waters of Gili Meno,” Nanang said.

Source: Antaranews

Image: Almarik-Lombok

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