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2022 Interior Design Trends in Indonesia

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The thought of designing houses, offices, apartments, hotels, villas, and other properties is always very fascinating.

Do you know what this year’s trends in interior design are?

Is it about light mode or dark mode? Minimalism or maximalism? Are we going classical, vintage, or something else entirely? There are tons of different interior design schemes available. SNA Media Club spoke with Founder and Creative Director of Prolite interior design Jeremy Santoso as well as Nessa Phoeng, the founder and design principal of INERRE interior design both based in Surabaya, East Java to identify some different trends that are happening right now.

Santoso explained that one of the trends in interior design this year is the use of natural materials. For example, people are using reclaimed roots, stones, and elements of the natural world in their homes.

I think one of the reasons for this shift in the growing popularity of equivalent design is that more and more people are looking to reduce their environmental impact and use more eco-friendly and renewable materials that are sustainable to use,” he explained.

As an interior designer who tries to create environments with soul and meaning while taking advantage of the beautiful natural materials, he believes that sustainable interior design is not just about making the house eco-friendly but also making the house cosier and with an inviting atmosphere.

Santoso’s design style constantly changes as he evolves, despite favouring contemporary and vintage designs. After he gains more knowledge about the designs and the materials, he becomes more confident and braver to take risks and do experiments. Interior design to Santoso means challenges and having the platform to pay close attention to details, be creative, and construct beautiful creations that have functional results.

Prolite normally receives design projects from social media, business partners, friends, and families. Over about two to four months, or depending on the feedback or reviews from the client, the first sketches are made. Then from six months to a year late, depending on how big and complex the project is, it will come to life.

Meanwhile, Phoeng said the modern interior style in 2022 is a trend based on the propensity of people to have the biggest interest in greyish undertones that are man-made, whether the materials used are glass or wood.

“All designers have different points of view and statements about their own company. People go for man-made materials because technology now is better than it used to be; it also gives us solutions. For instance, a countertop or the table in the kitchen. A lot of them know marble as a countertop, but these days, a lot of people use man-made services which also mimic the marble look of that natural stone. Being man-made, it is made out of porcelain that is known to be stronger and stays in good condition,” explained Phoeng.

Phoeng always had an interest in design and crafty projects, due to which, her younger self dreamt of being a fashion or interior designer. With INERRE interior design, its expertise is more in the details as far as the designs and solutions that they provide to the clients. Projects are normally commissioned from social media, existing clients, and word of mouth.


The design process always depends on how big the project is. An apartment project will be faster than a three-storey house, whereas a whole house on average will take about three months to be completed. However, cancellation, waiting lists, and information given by clients can cause delays in any process.

“We are sticking to the modern interior which has that ‘signature’, like the clean surface, the lines, and the materials that are utilised from wood and glass,” she added.

Which interior design style are you keen to try in your home?

By Elaine Huang – SNA Media Club – A Y8 Ruby student of Singapore National Academy School.

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