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Sinarmas World Academy Students Study Online

Teaching with Smart Board for online class

To support the policy of the Banten provincial government, increasing the status of the Coronavirus up to Extraordinary Genesis (KLB) on 15th March 2020 and this urging the public to avoid crowds, Sinarmas International School World Academy (SWA), has been rolled out online lessons for all students commencing Monday 16th March 2020.

“We must be serious in addressing the spread of Coronavirus as well as protecting our children. The school has prepared an online learning platform to be used immediately, and all of these online learning programmes have been fully finalised by every teacher. It is already socialised to pupils and their parents, they have all undergone a trial period before finally, the school implemented this online learning system,” explained Deddy Djajaria, the General Manager of SWA International School.

Explaining theory with stylus pen and notepad

SWA International schools believe that children shouldn’t stop learning and their joy for the activity will be severely limited during this pandemic. “It’s our responsibility as an educational institution to help parents to make sure their children get the most knowledge and can still enjoy positive activities with their friends,” added Deddy.

Social restrictions, better known as social distancing, is the goal of this online learning migration. To make this possible, SWA has prepared a schedule of children’s activities that can be monitored by teachers and parents.

“The fun and interaction between students and teachers that usually happens in class is also felt online. Even with online learning, the teachers can interact with each student,” said Hayden, a teacher in SWA. The learning programmes that are implemented online are in line with their curriculum, ensuring that no child is academically left behind.

Teacher in SWA is using “Touch Projection” for online class

Activities that can be done online are not limited to academic lessons. Students can also experience musical activities, art, and even sports. Teachers are challenged to be innovative in planning learning activities to be able to keep them interesting and dynamic, with one of them being online sports activities. Dominic, an SWA sports teacher raised the topic of “healthy at home”, where the students were taught sports movements and exercises that can be done at home. The students can make an action and then record videos, and Dominic corrects their posture and movement through the chat in the video.

“I see for myself how my child is seriously learning online. The school has prepared positive activities for them from morning to afternoon. I am grateful with all the preparation done by the school, especially the teachers who have made these online learning activities fun for children,” said Kurnia Dewi, one of the parents of SWA students.

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