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Let Education and Career Counselling Help You Plan

career counselling
Let Education and Career Counselling Help You Plan

Graduation cap thrown off up high, joyous cheers fill the hall. Graduation day; a momentous occasion in life. At that euphoric time, did you know what you wanted to do afterwards?

Most of us didn’t. Most of us are still unaware. That’s no problem; navigating towards the future can be scary, unclear, yet exhilarating all at the same time.

Discussions with parents and peers can be one way to identify the directions necessary for you to navigate towards your aspirations. There are also educational and career counselling services. They can help you assess your specialised interests, talents, and abilities. You’ll get to fully focus and be guided on resources to achieve your education and career goals. After all, education counsellors are initial partners to help prepare school plans and future careers.

Take SUN Education Group as an example. It is the largest and trusted international education consultant in Indonesia with high integrity. SUN serves based on its motto “One stop solution for overseas education”, and continually serves thousands of students across 28 branch offices throughout the country; representing more than 300 leading universities from 17 destination countries.

Its CEO, Fredy Subrata, described an education counsellor as “a guide or consultant in finding schools and future career information which includes finding the right program based on a client’s interest.” Fredy explained that the information gathered is thorough. The destination country, school, and living costs are suggested according to a person’s budget, registration information, required documents, visa and residence arrangements, and many more are just some of the details garnered.

Fredy Subrata

“Almost all levels of society who are concerned about the future of their school and career need an education or a career counsellor as a starting point for discussions to find the latest information so they don’t make inaccurate choices,” Fredy noted.

He views education and career counselling as very important for students. Given the advancement of today’s technology and information, as well as the rapid changes constantly occurring, students and their parents can dive into a rabbit hole of information. There’s a lot to consume. It can cause conflict when making a decision, as well. It’s best to have professionals capable of showing a suitable direction.

SUN, for instance, has counsellors who are regularly trained by overseas university advisors from institutions the company represents. Thus, up-to-date information is assured.

Indeed, counselling helps students get comprehensive advice on careers, courses, and jobs. Students are then enabled to make a properly informed choice and understand the options available once graduation day comes. Other than that, a well-trained and effective counsellor has a special role to play in facilitating effective vocational guidance, properly adapted to the individual’s potential. Lifelong learning is essential in modern society, thus, adaptation to lifelong guidance is encouraged.

“Of course, counselling is beneficial if you’re serious about your future in university and your future career,” enthused Fredy. What are your ambitions? What are your academic interests? Counselling is very important as a base. Doubts and confusion can be shaped into certainty and clarity. It is key for students to have complete knowledge and understanding of the available courses and their interests for the sake of their future.

Students have a sense of responsibility to effectively take part in the decision-making process as well. Counsellors help clients to identify strengths and weaknesses, make better decisions, have a clearer idea, set direction and goals by evaluating your options and identifying the steps needed to reach those goals.

Apart from being free, these counsellors are like “friends” who you have on hand to share information, tips, and tricks. This is especially valuable concerning important and detailed matters such as application deadlines, scholarship information, preparation of important documents for visa applications, etc. “You’ll be surprised to learn that there are so many benefits of undergoing counselling,” said Fredy.

Fredy described SUN’s typical session as well-trained, professional, friendly, communicative, and informative. SUN’s consultants prioritise the interests and future plan of its clients. Most activities, such as Education Expo, language preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE), webinars, university or college applications, or visa applications are done online during the pandemic. Nonetheless, offline counselling can be done at the nearest office upon special request.

Sun Education Group

“Use counselling as your safety net; not only is it free of charge, it’s very useful and informative. We’re officially representing and are trained directly by the university’s partners overseas with the most updated information available in the market,” Fredy pointed out in his message.

Perhaps students and parents are interested, yet clueless about where to start. There are many ways to contact SUN. Call or WhatsApp its hotline at 0821-33343536 or visit or it’s Instagram account @suneducationgroup. There’s even an app, both on iOS and Android; simply search “suneducationgroup”.

Fredy reveals that SUN organises its own Education and Career Expos, usually in January, March, and September and they are conducted annually. The upcoming Education Expo plus Virtual Campus Tour is on March 6–7, 2021.

Counselling on future education and, ultimately, future careers is advisable to take. Time, energy, and never-ending discussions can find an endpoint. Fredy concluded, “SUN accepts everyone who aspires to continue studying abroad, including expatriate children. Where else can you communicate openly and comfortably with the help of a trained counsellor, instead of being answered by a robot or AI?”

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