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Education is playing an increasingly important role in making Indonesia more competitive, and a variety of centres on the island of Bali are allowing students of all ages and backgrounds to learn beyond basic levels, ensuring they acquire the skills they need to succeed in life.

IALF (Indonesia Australia Language Foundation)

IALF was established in 1989 and is a non-profit organisation committed to providing high quality language training services throughout Indonesia. The foundation offers English for academic purposes, specialised language training for businesses and the workplace, and general English for all ages. Indonesian language courses attract expatriates living in Indonesia as well as students and teachers who wish to travel to Indonesia to study the language and culture. The Bahasa Indonesia program provides intensive, part-time and specialised courses at centres in Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya.

Stella Mundi Early Learning Centre

As we live in an age of technological advancement and scientific breakthrough, children need to learn to cope with a fast-paced environment without feeling hurried or pressured during their learning journey. Sekolah Stella Mundi (the Stella Mundi School) is committed to the healthy development of social, emotional, linguistic, cognitive and physical ability. They believe each and every student has the right to a school education that is free from limited expectations and judgment and puts them at the core of their own learning. Every child is valued, respected and supported for who they are, regardless of their religion, background or social status, providing an environment in which children can thrive.

Bali Children’s Foundation

With her considerable experience in vocational and educational projects, founder Marg Barry established the Bali Children’s Foundation with a vision to provide an educational pathway for disadvantaged Balinese children. BCF is supported by the most spirited teachers in their fields ensuring that all children in the program receive the best education possible. Becoming involved at primary level, BCF offers an education path for families that cannot afford senior education for their children. Each BCF English teaching facility has a built-in library for English and English/Bahasa books.

Rumah Kecil Kids Learning Centre

The Rumah Kecil (small room) Learning Centre helps children develop emotional capabilities and cognitive powers with a range of activities and learning experiences. They also encourage socialising through interaction with other children by playing with clay building blocks, drawing with hands and fingers, and understanding the structure and mechanism of objects around them to stimulate the functions of the brain. Outdoor activities such as swimming and playing in a sandbox or mud stimulate the feeling in the skin. Reading children’s storybooks helps them develop imagination and generosity. In addition, the Learning Centre offers a healthy lifestyle by providing tasty organic homemade meals.

Turtle Conservation and Education Centre

The Turtle Conservation and Education Centre (TCEC) at Serangan Island south of Sanur educates both the local community and school kids to help end the turtle trade and support conservation. Turtle meat (and eggs) have long being consumed in Bali, and by employing and educating locals TCEC hopes to end this practice. The centre collects eggs from busy tourist beaches and raises the hatchlings until they are ready to start the long journey into the ocean alone. The centre keeps juvenile turtles for one month, until they are stronger and ready for release, and for Rp150,000 visitors can watch the turtles being released into the ocean. They also train locals to produce various turtle-inspired craft items as an economic alternative to the turtle trade.

Kasih Learning Centre

KLC was created by its inspirational founder Gusti Ketut Suranata because he really loved education and wanted to share his knowledge with all people (especially children) as a basic step towards achieving their dreams for the future. Pak Gusti has more than 20 years’ experience within the hospitality industry, especially in human resources. An accomplished speaker, Pak Gusti helps motivate the younger generation, inspiring a life of passionate hard work, personal evolution and prosperity.

BaliWISE by ROLE Foundation

BaliWISE allows disadvantaged Indonesian women to find work by providing a free six-month intensive course in English, Bahasa, IT, hospitality and business skills. It has placed more than 800 women in gainful employment since 2012. The program focuses on business and vocational skills, especially those related to the hospitality industry. Partnerships with hotels and companies provide on-site work experience and there’s a high demand for its graduates, with more than 90 percent of them finding full-time employment within three months. The course includes an allowance of US$80 per month, accommodation, meals, uniforms, and educational resources.

Slukat Learning Centre

SLC is a registered non-profit organisation that provides free after-school education for children in Gianyar village. The learning centre has many programs such as English, computers, environmental awareness, yoga and traditional Balinese dance. Through these programs, SLC hopes that children will gain self-respect and confidence, have high integrity, and begin to care for the environment and their traditions. This helps build their emotional strength and helps them succeed in life.

The Garden Early Learning Centre

The Garden Early Learning Centre was built in 2014 to cater for parents living in or visiting Bali who are looking for quality early learning and child care. It has four large, bright classrooms and is surrounded by luscious gardens and play areas. The first five years of a child’s life is an exciting time and this period has a profound influence on their futures. Through community events and parent involvement, the centre develops trust and mutual respect, building a bridge between the child’s home life and The Garden.

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