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Beacon Academy’s ‘RAW’ Art Exhibition

Beacon Academy's 'RAW' Art Exhibition
Beacon Academy's 'RAW' Art Exhibition

Beacon Academy’s annual art exhibition showcased its students’ creativity and achievements.

Beacon Academy was proud to present an art exhibition themed “RAW”. This exhibition was held to celebrate the creativity and achievements of its students. Here we could see the best works of students, from elementary to high school. This exhibition lasted for three days, from the 2nd to the 4th of April, 2024, and was located on the 2nd floor of the Beacon Academy building.

The ‘RAW’ theme was taken with the aim of reminding us that true beauty lies in the expression of creativity without filters so that we could accept imperfection and appreciate the originality of a work.

Original Artworks Made by Beacon Academy's Students
Original Artworks Made by Beacon Academy’s Students

As a representative of Indonesia Expat, I had the opportunity to visit the exhibition. I was warmly welcomed by Mrs Laura Tanuwidjaya, an art teacher for elementary and middle school levels, and several of her students. I went with them to the lobby of the middle school building to see the art exhibition. For your information, the lobby was filled with lots of work by Beacon Academy students.

The placement of students’ works in art exhibitions was sorted from the lowest level (Grade 1 of elementary school) to the highest (Grade 3 of high school). The artwork created by these students was adjusted based on their level of skills as well. Elementary school students were directed and guided 100% by their teachers to make simple works of art, such as origami, drawing ice cream and watermelon, and simple paintings using coloured pencils and crayons. Meanwhile, at the middle and high school levels, students focused more on creating more complex works of art, such as facial portraits, drawing the environment around the school, digital art, simple animated videos, and large paintings.

The Students were Excited to See the Art Exhibition
The Students were Excited to See the Art Exhibition

I also got to meet Mr Shambhu Shastri, an art teacher at the middle and high school levels. Mr. Shambhu and Mrs. Laura together were very excited to showcase the talents of their students through this year’s art exhibition.

I had a chance to have a longer chat with Mr Shambhu. He explained that all the planning processes for exhibition activities had been prepared very carefully and all the works of art displayed had been assessed via the International Baccalaureate (IB) website. Especially for high school students’ artworks, they had been prepared from the moment they entered Grade 10 and the results were finally shown in this art exhibition. According to Mr Shambhu, this aimed to see the results of his students’ development because this was one of the materials that would be taken into account for their exam scores. He also hoped that this art exhibition could motivate his students to create more work for their portfolio which would certainly be very useful in their future, especially if they ever wish to pursue a college degree in art.

As additional information, this year’s exhibition was different from the previous years’ iterations. This was due to the school’s aim to provide a platform for students to display their talents in a more intimate setting. In the previous two years, Beacon Academy hosted an art exhibition where students had the opportunity to sell their art for charitable purposes. For this year’s iteration, however, due to the large number of events scheduled simultaneously this year, the decision was made to host a simple art exhibition.

Despite its scaled-down nature, the exhibition remained a testament to the creativity and commitment of Beacon Academy’s students.

Beacon Academy Jakarta
Beacon Academy Jakarta

To find out more about Beacon Academy Jakarta, please visit the website and their Facebook page Beacon Academy.

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