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Why transfer money with Kangaroo Service?

Kangaroo Service is an international fund transfer company that has more than 14 years of experience. Initially, the company focused on funds transfers between Indonesia and Australia.

Kangaroo Service has 2 offices, one located in Jakarta, ready to serve customers in Indonesia; and one office in Melbourne serving customers in Australia. It has rapidly developed: PT Kangaroo Service has grown out of itss original territories and it can send remittance payments to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Philippines, Japan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and Vietnam. Kangaroo Service is the easy way to transfer money overseas.

With the support of reliable customer service and operational teams, Kangaroo Service offers a simple way to transfer money overseas. Along with their own dedicated staff, Kangaroo Service is also supported by partners who have a good reputation and lots of experience in providing international fund transfer services.

International money transfer services from Kangaroo Service is available Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 16:00 WIB in Jakarta, while in Australia office hours are from 10:00 to 16:00 AST. The Kangaroo Service office in Indonesia is located at Plaza Pondok Indah 5 Blok C No.2, Marga Guna Raya Radio Road in South Jakarta, and Kangaroo Service’s office in Australia is located at 4 Convent Crescent, North Coburg, VIC 3058 Ltd (ABN 21 108 996 354).

The differentiator of Kangaroo Service from competitors is that sending money is easy, simple, and competitively priced for the customers’ advantage when transferring money to the intended country.

Customers who wish to transfer money overseas with Kangaroo Service just need to register themselves first, this being a requirement that currently applies in Indonesia and abroad. The process of registration is as simple as it is to send money, quick and easy.

Up to a certain limit, funds will be sent within the same day. Customers in Indonesia only need to transfer the money from their account to the Kangaroo Service accounts at BCA, Mandiri, or BNI. After that, Kangaroo Service will take care of the next steps until the funds are received at the other end.

Kangaroo Service – the easier way to transfer money overseas.

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