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The Road to IPIEC Global 2019 in China

At least 11 out of 32 chosen Indonesian tech companies had the chance to present their businesses’ vision for four judges to win the chance to develop their business further in China.

In collaboration with Marquee, WTOIP China’s Deputy Director of International Business Development, Raffle Chan, BETA Foundation Malaysia’s Co-founder and CEO Haslinda Rasip and The Winner Institute’s Founder and CEO, Franz Budi Pranata, examined these newly developed local companies that focused on agriculture, education, health, and the environment.

As a leading Technovation Platform for IP and Corporate Services based in China, WTOIP provides the opportunity for at least two companies to compete with other Southeast Asian start-up companies in the Asian Chapter Contest which will be held on 7th October 2019 in Technology Park, Malaysia.

Being the world’s second-largest economy, China has been embracing the global technological and industrial revolution, which has become one of the driving forces of China’s rise in the SciTech area. By laying the foundation of ‘mutual respect, benefit, and growth’, China has been actively making joint efforts with other nations in accelerating SciTech development and promoting transnational collaboration.

Led by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Guangzhou, China, this December IPIEC Global 2019 is hoping to extend their efforts to create an effective means to connect innovations with capital and enterprises, overseas projects with local clusters, as well as commercialization with government policies, in an attempt to promote cross-border technology cooperation and accelerate local industrial upgrade.

“We selected from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, and Malaysia to compete in the ASEAN regional level. Later, the top 2-3 winners will represent ASEAN in IPIEC Global 2019. The grand prize will be USD100,000 then USD50,000 for second place and USD20,000 for third place. It will be a very good opportunity for these companies to explore China as we’ll bring them to eight cities in China, understand the government policies, interact with Chinese enterprises and share knowledge.

“WTOIP has realised that some developing countries, like Indonesia, are very talented and growing but they need external factors to guide them. WTOIP intends to help more companies to explore the Chinese market. A lot of companies have good patents and good products but no one acknowledges it enough to enhance to a global level,” said WTOIP China’s Deputy Director of International Business Development, Raffle Chan.
China wants to grow together with other countries. Raffle believed that “some of the projects presented today were good, although some of them are still in their early stages they can definitely grow domestically and even around Southeast Asia.”

“Today is the IP competition with WTOIP, but this is the Indonesian level. We’re looking for companies with unique technology and innovations that we can bring to China to compete on a global level and expand their business in China,” said BETA Foundation Malaysia’s Co-founder and CEO, Haslinda Rasip.

Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Y.B. Dr. Ong Kian Ming, will attend the ASEAN regional competition on 7th October 2019, where MSMP and Crowde have been chosen to represent Indonesia. These companies have shown their efforts in connecting with the local government, thereby they are seen to be more sustainable.

“To invest, I think it is most important to see the people who represent the stories and their companies to us,” added Haslinda.

Much more challenging qualifications will be put onto the 150 participants at the ASEAN regional competition. The judges gave several tips for the 11 Indonesian participants for future pitching such as discussing the amount they seek to be funded, adding value to their companies by stating any awards and recognitions they’ve achieved, and described their plans and team background.

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