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CONNEXT: “Turn Your Ideas into Reality”, an Innovation by Marquee


CONNEXT co-working space is a recent innovation of Marquee Executive Offices. Having experienced more than 12 years in the field of premium office rental services, Marquee has expanded its market by tapping into the market of co-working space in Indonesia which have opened in several locations across Indonesia.

The launch of CONNEXT co-working space was held at Cyber 2 Tower’s 17th floor on Thursday, November 16th, 2017 which is one of four CONNEXT locations throughout Indonesia. In addition to CONNEXT Cyber 2 Tower, there are 3 other locations are located at Alamanda Bali’s 5th floor, Alamanda Jakarta’s 25th floor and Sovereign Plaza’s 21st floor.

The professionally managed co-working space by Marquee Executive Offices provides an opportunity for co-working space users to have an office in a prestigious area at an affordable price.

CONNEXT co-working space is a great choice for startup, SMEs, business activists, entrepreneurs and students. Not only as it functions as a workplace, it is also a place to meet with other communities. It will also be a companion for the development of creative and business ideas to become a reality through events, workshops and sharing sessions held at the co-working space with the support of its partners from various industries.

CONNEXT provides a choice of packages to use the area of co-working space according to your needs, whether it’s hourly, monthly, or per year. Not only that, it also provides support facilities for startups in the form of acceleration program, incubation and networking event. Facilities include internet access, locker and refreshments. The co-working space is open for 24 hours.

From the networking side, it will routinely hold events that aim to add your network of friends to a higher level. It will have demos and pitching sessions for startups as well as interactive seminars to add insights.


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