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Yogyakarta Hotels and Restaurants Reopen on June 2020

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Dozens of hotels and restaurants in Yogyakarta that have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic will be re-open in June 2020.

Hotels and restaurants will apply new health protocols to prevent the spread of the disease and establish a “new normal”.

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) Yogyakarta, Deddy Pranowo Ernowo, said the hotels and restaurants with facilities and infrastructure that meet health requirements, such as having a sink for hand washing placed in front of the premises, thermo gun temperature measuring devices being used, as well as sufficient training for staff to be aware of the COVID-19 protocol.

“So far there are about 20 hotels that are ready,” Deddy said.

According to him, hotel and restaurant managers will offer a healthy stay package for 2-14 days or 1 month for guests following several requirements that must be met before the stay.

“There must be a doctor’s certificate from their originating point and a doctor’s letter from the hospital, public health centres (puskesmas), or clinic in Yogyakarta,” he said. Further, PHRI will start opening this limited service as a brand.

Yogyakarta Vice-Mayor Heroe Poerwadi said he’s heard the aspirations of the PHRI to re-open the hotels during the pandemic. “We adjusted the stages for the steps of Yogyakarta’s revival. We also coordinate to strengthen the COVID-19 protocol, so the hotel and the guests can feel comfortable and secure,” he explained.

Furthermore, Chairperson of the Daily Task Force Handling COVID-19 in Yogyakarta said the city is preparing to face new normal conditions post-pandemic, as the number of cases COVID-19 in the region decreases.

“We must make this revival momentum to build Yogyakarta with new protocols,” he said. The new normal in Yogyakarta covers a number of new procedures in every sector and field, with health being the primary concern at every stage.

“That is, whilst the COVID-19 pandemic is already beginning to subside, we can not do activities normally like before the pandemic. It still takes time to undergo the transition, especially in an effort to prevent new transmission or new cases in Yogyakarta,” he explained.

Society, noted Heroe, must keep avoiding crowds. To cater to daily needs, residents can make use of the shopping services in a traditional online-based market that has been launched by the city government.

“In efforts to reawaken the economy, the city of Yogyakarta will go in three phases, namely promotion and event, the time of Yogya for Yogya, and the time of Yogya for all,” he called.

The Yogyakarta City Government is cooperating with related stakeholders, such as PHRI, Asita, Kadin, and other community mobilisers in order to realise the steps towards Yogyakarta’s recovery.

First, they will give assurance that Yogyakarta is safe, clean, and controlled, so it becomes comfortable for people to visit and conduct activities in the new normal situation. Second, prepare new protocols in all sectors of life so that security is guaranteed with the support of the community. Next, all parties must build public confidence about Yogyakarta. One of the steps will be to relaunch a brand that has been attached to Yogyakarta.

Fourth, the city must be able to seize opportunities, especially in the field of tourism. Fifth, prepare easily accessible information about all the needs of people in Yogyakarta, so it can provide good facilities and services for everyone.

Heroe added that the condition also automatically affects the changing process of the city government’s service to the community such as the single data repair, SOP repair and protocols, improved working procedures and performance assessments – including the implementation of Jogja Smart Service (JSS) as cyber city hall.


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