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Saving the Forest: The #30Claps Movement

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia is starting an online movement called #30claps to save the forests of Indonesia.

The #30claps movement encourages people to clap their hands for 30 times after they have washed their hands to reduce the amount of tissues used. WWF Indonesia claimed that by clapping 30 times after hand washing can help to save the forest.

According to a survey published in WWF Indonesia, 54 percent of Indonesians who live in big cities have a habit of using an average of three sheets of tissue to dry their hands. They added that drying hands only require one sheet of tissue or none at all. They are encouraging the public to change this habit through the #30claps movement, to reduce the use of tissues and for the replanting of damaged forests used for tissue production in Indonesia.

Through this movement, the foundation set their targets to plant 2,000 trees at a cost of Rp.300 million, which includes the two years of planting and monitoring costs to ensure the trees grow well. The planting of the trees will be done in the Kampar District of Riau in eastern Sumatra with the help of local community groups.

In addition to donations, WWF Indonesia also encourages the public to create a one-minute video with #30claps and for the #30clapschallenge hashtags which show the hand clapping and also to invite your friends and relatives to do the same and participate in social media.

The foundation hopes that it will help to spread awareness on the use of tissue papers, and helping in permanently changing the habit of using tissues for hand-drying.

If you would like to donate, please visit For more information regarding the movement, please visit or send an email to [email protected].


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