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Applying for Pre-Investment Visit Visa in Indonesia

apply pre investment visa online

A pre-Investment visa is a type of short-term visit visa that can be used to conduct field surveys and/or feasibility studies in the context of starting a new business.

This type of visa allows foreigners to visit Indonesia for a single trip and is valid for 180 days from the date of arrival. The pre-investment visa only applies for one visit and cannot be extended.

Pre-investment visit visas can be kept as both soft or hard copies. You can save the file on your smartphone or laptop, or print the file.

A pre-investment visit visa is divided into several categories, including:

  • A one-time pre-investment visit visa is given for a length of stay of 60 days and cannot be extended or transferred
  • A one-time pre-investment visit visa is given a length of stay of 180 days and cannot be extended or transferred
  • A visit visa for several pre-investment trips can be given to foreigners to stay in Indonesia no longer than 60 days from the date of issuance of the entry stamp for each arrival
  • A visit visa for multiple trips in the context of pre-investment using immigration guarantees can be given to foreigners for a maximum stay of 180 days from the date of issuance of the entry stamp for each arrival.

Director General of Immigration Silmy Karim explained that visitors can apply for a visitor visa for pre-investment or they can apply for and extend their electronic visa on arrival (eVoA) through the Molina website. 

To apply for a pre-investment visit visa, you can follow this guide:

1. Open the Molina website

2. Create an account by selecting login from the Main Page, and a new login page appears. Then, click register.

3. Fill in your personal details, passport, and email information, then upload the required documents.
The file types and sizes:

  • *.JPEG format
  • Colour
  • Size 100 kb to 400 kb

Conditions for passport photo:

  • White background
  • Neatly dressed
  • Photo was taken within the last three months

Conditions for documents:

  • Not the product of any image manipulation or editing
  • There are no other images/objects visible in the required documents

4. Once complete, submit the registration form. The pop-up information display will appear with an activation link sent to your email.

5. Next, open your email and click the activation link or click the “activation” button, and then your account has been successfully activated. 

6. You can now login to the Molina system by entering the username and password and filling in the Captcha correctly.

7. Select the pre-investment visit visa option from the drop-down after selecting Apply.

8. Fill in the fields completely and correctly, which are as follows

  • Personal information
  • Guarantor information
  • Passport information
  • Arrival information
  • residence information

9. Upload the required documents. For the proof of funds requirement, you need to show a current account, savings book, or term deposit from the last three months.

10. Click to pay and fill in the payment confirmation page. The payment must be made within two hours of the application, otherwise, you need to make a new request. The fee is IDR 6,000,000 for a pre-investment visit visa.
Note: You can only make payments with Mastercard, Visa, and JCB cards. The card does not have to be in your name. Please ensure that your card is activated for the “3D Secure System” and is open for international transactions.

11. After completing the payment confirmation, your pre-investment visa will be available for download in your account.

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