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135 Foreigners in Bulelang, Bali Obtained e-KTP

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The Civil Population and Recording Service (Disdukcapil) in Buleleng Regency has recorded that at least 135 foreign nationals possess an e-KTP, or electronic ID card, in Buleleng Regency, Bali.

Generally, they are foreigners who have worked in Indonesia for an extended time have married with locals but are still citizens of their home country.

The Official Information Management and Documentation Assistant of Disdukcapil Buleleng, Dewa Ketut Mudita said that there are 135 foreigners who have had e-KTP issued by the Buleleng Regency Government. The data has been recorded over the last five years, since 2015.

The e-KTP holders are spread across nine sub-districts in the Buleleng area; seven foreigners in Gerokgak sub-district, nine in Seririt sub-district, four in Busungbiu sub-district, 26 in Banjar sub-district, 33 in Sukasada sub-district, 44 in Buleleng sub-district, four in Sawan sub-district, one in Kubutambahan sub-district, and seven in Tejakula sub-district.

Dewa also revealed that foreigners who have obtained an e-KTP issued by Disdukcapil Buleleng came from various countries, such as the United States, France, Russia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand, the UK, as well as Asian countries such as Thailand and Japan.

The issuance of an e-KTP for foreigners has its own rules listed in law no. 24 of 2013 in article 63. A foreigner filing for an e-KTP must meet the specified requirements and can apply to the local Civil Population and Recording Service offices.

“They must show a KITAP (permanent residence permit card) issued by immigration. If they hold a KITAP, the e-KTP can be issued and it is official,” said Dewa.

E-KTPs for foreigners are different from e-KTPs for Indonesians. The identity card is not valid for life, unlike for locals, rather it is in accordance with the KITAP validity period, which is five years. If the KITAP expires, then the e-KTP will expire automatically. However, the e-KTP can be extended for an indefinite period of time provided that the residence permit is not cancelled.

Source: Nusa Bali

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