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POP! Hotel Hardys Singaraja Square cleans up local beach

On 9 May 2015, on the occasion of celebrating the 58th anniversary of Singaraja KODIM (District Commander of Military), the entire team of POP! Hotel Hardys Singaraja Square employees participated in a ‘Beach Clean Up’ programme, alongside local citizens of all ages.

“At exactly 7am, all participants – ranging from students to government officials – gathered at Mandala Yuda Beach near the harbour of the town of Singaraja to partake in the official ceremony, as well as to listen to a few words from the commander himself,” added Gusti Muchlis, Assistant Hotel Manager of POP! Hotel Hardys Singaraja Square. “Soon after, they all disperse to several spots which were predetermined to complete the task. The event ended at approximately 9am.”

This event was certainly not the first initiative of its kind by POP! Hotel Hardys Singaraja Square, and it was therefore no surprise that the hotel received an exclusive invitation directly from the KODIM office to participate in this environmentally-conscious event.

In addition to active participation, the hotel also provided all the necessary equipment such as trash bags to carry out the beach clean-up. Carrying out clean-ups are an important way of educating volunteers about the detrimental effects of littering, not to mention is a great team-building and bonding exercise.

Thank you to everyone at POP! Hotel Hardys Singaraja for organizing this event, and thank you to all the volunteers for helping to make a change!

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