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Bali Woman has Cash Stolen by Foreigner

Bali woman

A foreigner is suspected of molesting and robbing an Indonesian woman in Bali. It is thought that the pair were in a relationship at the time.

In a post uploaded to a WhatsApp account status, named Riche CP, he said that his sister was allegedly almost killed by a Nigerian foreign national with the initials KYC.

The incident occurred in North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. In the post, it says, “My sister was almost killed by a person from Nigeria. Still roaming freely in Bali.”

In addition, the post stated that the victim, with the initials BMS, has been abused by the foreigner and was lucky to be rescued by residents.

“An Indonesian was persecuted by foreigners at knifepoint, Rp20 million was taken, bags, two phones, wallets, and important documents. She was kicked, beaten, and managed to escape,” the brother wrote.

The North Kuta Police Chief AKP Putu Diah Kurniawandari confirmed the incident. “Yes, just two days ago (it happened),” he said.

“We have (handled the victim’s report). We’re still collecting the evidence. We’re still carrying out the investigation process,” he said.

In terms of motive, the police have stated that it is still unknown because no witnesses were present during the incident.

“It’s still being investigated because it was just the two of them at the time of the incident. That’s why we have to look into it properly. If something happened, then we’ll look for clues first. At the same time, the victim has been treated,” he added.

Meanwhile, Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit for North Kuta Police, Iptu Made Purwanta, explained that the incident occurred on Friday 27th August at around 1:06pm WITA.

The victim was contacted by phone by her ex-boyfriend and she was asked to go to his home in Kerobokan Kelod. After the victim arrived in the foreigner’s room, he took the victim’s bag which contained a wallet containing an ATM card, ID card, and cash amounting to Rp2 million.

“Then, he asked the victim for Rp200 million and if the victim didn’t give it, he threatened to kill the victim in Ubud (Gianyar),” he added.

The victim was later told to go to Ubud to be killed and was taken to an ATM in Kerobokan. Here, the foreigner stopped his car to take money using the victim’s ATM card.

After the withdrawal, the foreigner’s car broke down and the victim took the opportunity to run away. She was saved by a resident who happened to be there.

For now, the police are still investigating the incident and searching for the foreigner.

“Furthermore, the victim reported the incident to the North Kuta Police for further action, and demanded the perpetrators in accordance with applicable legal provisions,” said Iptu Purwanta.

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