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Development of Jayawijaya Tourism Raises Controversy


Baliem Valley in Jayawijaya, Papua has become one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions by both local and foreign visitors. Some members of the local community aren’t happy that it is now being considered a tourist destination.

There are many natural sites of extraordinary beauty and nature has become an important part of improving welfare in the community, as long as sites are managed and well-kept. The Jayawijaya government has experienced challenges in maintaining all of Baliem Valley’s natural beauty and potential as a tourist attraction.

“In Jayawaijaya, there are a lot of beautiful attractions. Natural tourism is often an obstacle related to customary rights for development,” explained Enggelbert Sorabut, the Head of the Culture and Tourism Office of Jayawijaya Regency on Monday 3rd August.

According to Sorabut, there are some who do not want Baliem Valley in Jayawijaya to become a tourist attraction due to religious issues. The area is considered by some to be a sacred place.

Source: Global Medicine

Image: Trek Papua

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