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Two Foreigners in Bali Deported for Moonlighting as Dive Instructors

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Two foreigners have been deported by the Singaraja immigration in North Bali for performing a job that is not in accordance with their KITAS work permits.

Singaraja Class II Immigration office head Victor Manurung said that the two foreigners, identified as 43 year-old man from Canada and 29 year-old woman from Denmark, were found working as dive instructors, when a subsequent investigation found that the pair’s KITAS were obtained for the roles of president director of a tourist attraction and sales marketing manager, respectively.

“Foreigners working in Indonesia must be working in accordance with what is submitted to the manpower office, related to the job title. On their KITAS permits, it is listed as president director and sales marketing manager, but they were caught working as dive instructors. It’s a shame for local dive instructors who cannot get work,” Manurung said on Wednesday, as quoted by

He assured that the deportation of the two foreigners was a result of a process of an investigation carried out by the Immigration office. Having been found guilty of violating their KITAS terms, the work permits of the two foreigners were immediately revoked.

Manurung added that the Immigration office will continue to keep an eye on foreigners in their jurisdiction of Buleleng, Jembrana, dan Karangasem that may be working outside of the capacity of their work permits.

“We are still investigating, but we will continue to monitor foreign nationals in the area,” he said.


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