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Traffic Cop Keeps His Cool with Angry Citizen, Gets Professionalism Award


When a traffic police officer was attacked by a woman after being issued a ticket for a traffic violation, he showed restraint and professionalism by keeping his cool and not fighting back even after being attacked repeatedly in the middle of traffic. Adjunct First Inspector (Aiptu) Sutisna was awarded for his display of professionalism and patience.

Early last week, a video of a woman (claiming to work for the Supreme Court) attacking a traffic police repeatedly in the middle of traffic went viral. The woman, whose claim was later confirmed, was apparently angry about getting a ticket from the traffic officer for trying to get into the bus-only lane in her car.

The traffic cop was identified as Adjunct First Inspector (Aiptu) Sutisna.

Witnesses to the incident and viewers of the viral video were generally impressed that Sutisna did not fight back at the woman and instead showed incredible restraint. Jakarta Metro Police Chief Inspector General M. Iriawan acknowledged the traffic officer’s decorum and recognized him with an award for his professionalism and patience in dealing with an irate citizen.

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Jakarta Metro Police Spokesman Argo Yuwono told reporters that while the police chief has awarded Jakarta Metro Police’s Traffic Directorate’s Sutisna, it does not mean Sutisna is getting a promotion.

Yuwono however expressed pride in knowing that Indonesian cops are getting recognition for professionalism and patience while rendering work for public service.

The attacker, identified as Dora Natalia, meanwhile got her 15 minutes of fame, with the social media channels showing the video flooding with hateful comments and bashes from netizens.

Also, the investigation looking into Natalia’s alleged assault on Sutisna is still ongoing. Natalia is being questioned by police authorities regarding the incident.

Image credit: ABCNet

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