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Sudan Man Deported for Visa Violation

visa violation
Sudan Man Deported for Visa Violation - source

A Sudanese citizen, with the initials AMY, has been deported for violating his visit visa. AMY had been living in Palembang and was a teacher.

Head of the Immigration Office Class I Immigration Checkpoint (TPI) Palembang, M Ridwan, revealed that the presence of the foreigner was known from public reports that were submitted to the foreigner surveillance team. He was found to have been in Indonesia on a visit visa but it had expired.

“We deported a foreign national from Sudan for violating his visitation permit. He was a teacher in Palembang,” said Ridwan on Friday 17th December.

He explained that AMY has obtained a visit visa in June 2021 which was valid for two months. After the time has expired, the person concerned does not apply for an extension to the visa, which is a violation of the conditions.

“We checked that he showed his passport, but his visitation period had expired. The foundation also didn’t know that one of its teachers had violated a visa,” said Ridwan.

Based on article 122 of law number 6 of 2011 in conjunction with article 75 paragraphs 1 and 2, letters b, d, and f; if any foreigner intentionally abuses or carries out activities that are not in accordance with the intent and granting of the visa granted to them, immigration officials are authorized to take immigration administrative action in the form of being deported from Indonesia.

He hopes that the public can make a report if they find a similar case.

Deportation for foreigners is a fairly severe punishment for administrative violations,” he stressed.

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