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Seventeen African Nationals Detained in Jakarta for Immigration Violations

Seventeen Africans Detained in Soekarno Hatta Immigration Office
Seventeen African Nationals Detained in Jakarta for Immigration Violations. Image Source:

Seventeen African foreign nationals were detained by Soekarno Hatta Immigration in Jakarta as their presence did not comply with their Immigration Stay Permit.

The 17 foreigners were apprehended in two apartments located in Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

Muhammad Tito Andrianto, the head of Soekarno Hatta Special Class I Immigration Office, stated that they were detained following a report regarding the disruptive activities of foreigners. The group consisted of 16 Nigerians and 1 Ghanaian.

“After gathering the information, we immediately deployed our team members to conduct surveillance operations in the two apartments in the Cengkareng area,” said Andrianto on Wednesday, 24th May 2023.

During the inspection, five Nigerian citizens were unable to produce passports and residence permits, which allegedly violated Article 116 of Law Number 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration.

“Furthermore, two Nigerian citizens had passports but their residence permits had expired (overstay), in violation of Article 78 paragraph 3,” he added.

One Nigerian citizen and one Ghanaian citizen possessed passports and residence permits as investors, but their companies are suspected to be fictitious, which allegedly violates Article 123 letter a,” explained Andrianto.

Additionally, three other Nigerian citizens who possessed Visit Stay Permits were suspected of engaging in activities that did not align with their residence permits, violating Article 122 letter a.

Among the seized evidence were 12 passports and five Limited Stay Permit Cards (KITAS) for Investors, which indicated potential falsification of letters or statements to meet the administrative requirements for applying for Limited Stay Permits (ITAS) at the Immigration Office.

Furthermore, authorities discovered 31 mobile phones and 15 laptops. Andrianto disclosed that foreign KITAS holders, particularly Investors, were arrested for attempting to deceive officials by manipulating company ownership documentation to support their Stay Permit applications.

“We are currently coordinating and collaborating with relevant agencies to monitor companies or sponsors of foreigners suspected to be fictitious. The 17 foreigners will face immigration administrative action, including deportation,” he stated.

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