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Pollsters Respond to Prabowo’s Accusations of Favouritism and Money Politics

Hoax elections

Various pollsters and survey agencies have clarified the quick count results they released after the presidential and legislative elections on April 17. Hendri Satrio, founder of pollsters KedaiKOPI, explained that the result was based on the real number of C1 forms uploaded by the polling stations (TPS). “The quick count never lies. It has been proven that the results are pretty accurate and not much different from the real count. They are both similar to each other, with results based on the C1 form,” Hendri said in a discussion yesterday.

Hendri also claimed that presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto’s accusations about pollsters favouring incumbent President Joko Widodo are baseless and false, since his agency is a certified one. After the presidential election, 12 pollsters have released quick count results, showing Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin’s lead, with about 54-55 per cent of votes, compared to Prabowo- Sandiaga with 44-45 per cent. Other pollsters such as Indo Barometer, LSI Denny JA, Charta Politika, SMRC, Cyrus Network, and CSIS have also released similar results.

Adjie Alfaraby, a researcher at LSI Denny JA, also shared similar sentiments to Hendri: “We are willing to take responsibility for the data we have collected. I am willing to risk my job if the data is proven to be false or unreliable, and if our agency is involved in any sort of money politics,” Adjie said.

On Friday, Prabowo claimed that pollsters have been bribed by his rival, Joko Widodo, to release fake results to favour the incumbent. “Pollsters, you liars! People should not trust you. Maybe you should move to another country, maybe to Antartica to fool the penguins,” said the Gerindra chief patron, at his residence in South Jakarta on Friday, 19th April.

Spokesman of the Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Uno campaign team, Pipin Sopian said: “The election is not over yet. Let’s respect all elements, the organisers and the volunteers who are still working”.

Spokesman of Jokowi – Ma’ruf campaign team, Masinton Pasaribu, stated that the quick count results have never been proven to be wrong, and will show roughly similar results as the one issued by the General Election Commission (KPU). Despite being favoured by most pollsters, Masinton claims that Jokowi’s camp respects the election process, and will wait until the final counting process is completed by the KPU.

Source: Detik
Image: Kompas

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