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Officially Opened in Bogor, Holywings Sells Bajigur to Wedang Ginger

Holywings Bogor
Officially Opened in Bogor, Holywings Sells Bajigur to Wedang Ginger. photo Holywings

Holywings restaurant is now open in Bogor with a family friendly concept, offering warm Sundanese drinks such as bandrek and bajigur.

Bogor Mayor Bima Arya previously did not allow Holywings bars, clubs, and restaurants to open branches in Bogor because the concept was not in line with the vision of the city of Bogor.

Holywings is a bar, club, and restaurant that sells alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, the vision of the city of Bogor leans towards a family-friendly and religious city.

Arya confirmed that he would not allow Holywings to open a branch in Bogor if the concept was not changed. The company has since complied and altered their offering so as to open an outlet in the city.

Holywings Bogor is located on Jalan Raya Pajajaran No. 79, Baranangsiang has officially opened with a family-friendly concept. The venue does not sell drinks with alcohol content above five percent.

This is because the mayor doesn’t want people to leave the location drunk or become unconscious, as has happened at Holywings in other cities.

Further meeting the mayor’s request, Holywings Bogor also offers traditional Sundanese drinks such as bajigur and bandrek. This was conveyed by Holywings via Twitter @holywingsgroup.

In the tweet posted on 8th February 2022, Holywings uploaded a photo of the menu offered at Holywings Bogor. Along with bajigur and bandrek, there are other traditional menu items.

source twitter holywings

On the menu list, guests can find es teler, selendang mayang, dawet ayu, bir kotjok, bajigur, wedang jahe, and es kuwut. All of these traditional drinks are priced at Rp. 38,000.

The post was responded to by netizens. Many expressed curiousity to go to Holywings Bogor to experience different sensations and concepts.

“Holywings stay halal. Bajigur top menu. If it opens in Malang, the menu will be STMJ (Ginger Milk) the same time round,” wrote a netizen.

“It’s confirmed that they really sell bajigur. You just know that the cold Bogor weather needs something warm. Let’s go min,” wrote another netizen.

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