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Jakarta Collects Rp4Billion in PSBB Violations

Jakarta Collects Rp4Billion in PSBB Violations

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has collected fines totalling Rp4billion from people violating health regulations in place to combat the spread of COVID-19. 

The fines have been collected since June 2020, when the governor implemented the regulations.

During the first calculation for the time of the transitional PSBB, the fines added up to Rp3,154,030,000. When the fines were calculated again on 31st August, they tallied up to a little over Rp4billion.

“The fines accumulated up to Rp. 4,053,830,000 by 31st August,” confirmed Arifin, Head of the Jakarta Satpol PP. He went on to explain that most violations came from people not wearing masks.

The fines were also collected from industrial businesses not implementing health protocols.

He noted that, at the moment, the level of discipline in the community towards wearing masks when doing activities outside the home has started to increase, despite the high number of fines. “Actually, the discipline of residents using masks is better. I see on the street that more people are wearing masks than not, which is a good indicator,” said Arifin.

Source: Kompas

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