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Indonesia to Encourage Foreign Doctors to Open Practices in Indonesia

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Indonesia to Encourage Foreign Doctors to Open Practices in Indonesia

The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment has stated that the Indonesian government is reviewing plans to increase medical tourism to Indonesia.

By developing medical tourism, there will be an increase in access to healthcare for Indonesian people. This will also increase the independence of Indonesia in the health sector.

“According to data released by PwC, Indonesia is currently the largest country for outbound medical tourists with 600,000 people in 2015,”

said Jodi Marhardi, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment on Wednesday 19th August.

Based on data released by the Indonesia Services dialog, Indonesians and foreigners living in Indonesia spend a large amount of money to seek health services abroad. “Generally, patients choose medical treatment abroad to cure specific diseases,” he noted.

Jodi believes that the development of medical tourism in Indonesia is very realistic and profitable. “For example, economic diversification, attracting foreign investment, providing jobs, developing the healthcare industry in Indonesia, and holding back the rate of health services flowing to foreign countries,” said Jodi.

“To support the industry, government support is needed through promotion and facilities,” he added.

Jodi explained the aim is to build an international hospital(s) to bring in specialist doctors from abroad. By increasing the presence of foreign doctors who practice in Indonesia, Jodi hopes to reduce the number of Indonesian citizens seeking medical treatment abroad.

Source: Kompas

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