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How to make Mozilla Firefox Faster

Mozilla Firefox
How to make Mozilla Firefox Faster

Make Mozilla Firefox Faster

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers today thanks to its speed and ease of use.

Your browser’s speed will depend on two things – how you use the browser and the browser’s technical performance. This guide offers some simple hacks you can use to speed up your Firefox browser.

Simple Tips and Tricks to Speed up Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is continually improving the Firefox browser. So before you do anything else, make sure you’re using the latest version. The newest version of Firefox is much faster and contains fixes for most of the issues you may face in your day-to-day browsing.

Hardware Acceleration

If you’re using the last version and your browser is still performing poorly, the next thing you want to check is hardware acceleration and content process settings. Many computers don’t have this enabled by default. The new Firefox Quantum uses your GPU to both play videos better and load web pages faster.

Open your browser and:

  • In your address bar, type about: preferences and hit the Enter key
  • In the General tab, scroll down to the Performance section
  • Untick the box next to Use recommended performance settings
  • Tick the box for Use hardware acceleration when available
Disable Data Collection and Telemetry

Firefox continually collects and sends anonymous data about your browser usage. Mozilla uses this data to improve the browser. Though this doesn’t compromise your privacy, it does slow Firefox down.

You can disable data collection in four easy steps:

  • In your address bar, type about: preferences and hit the Enter key
  • Click on Privacy & Security, then scroll down to Firefox Data Collection and Use
  • Uncheck all boxes in this section
  • Restart Firefox

Firefox uses telemetry to send the data it collects to Mozilla’s servers. Disabling telemetry isn’t easy; it requires you to alter the Advanced Preferences settings of your browser. This section allows you to change more intricate settings of Firefox. Keep in mind that tampering with these settings can cause unexpected problems. There are plenty of tweaks to try out here that can speed up your browser. Just make sure to proceed with caution.

Disable Accessibility Services

Firefox always monitors your browser through Accessibility Services. This setting permits the use of assistive technologies for those with physical impairments.

Here’s how you can disable Accessibility Services in the new Firefox:

  • In your address bar, type about: preferences and hit the Enter key
  • Go to Privacy & Security, and scroll down to Permissions
  • Tick the box next to Prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser
  • Restart Firefox when prompted
Refresh Firefox To Start From Scratch

If all else fails, you can refresh Firefox. Refreshing gets rid of all customizations and add-ons and restores your default browser settings.

Here’s how to Refresh Firefox:

  • Open a new tab, type about: support in your address bar, and hit the Enter key
  • Find the box labeled Give Firefox a tune-up. Click Refresh Firefox
  • In the dialog box that shows up, confirm your choice by clicking Refresh Firefox.

Refreshing Firefox returns your browser to the state of a new installation.


JavaScript is a computer programming language that makes it possible to create and insert dynamic interactions and functionalities in web pages. Usually, Firefox will seamlessly display this content. But if implemented wrongly, JavaScript can cripple your browser.

Loading, interpreting, and executing JavaScript takes time, and if you’re running multiple APIs, it will create substantial delays in opening pages. When you encounter this behavior, you may need to disable JavaScript on Firefox to speed up your browser. However, you should only do this after exhausting all your other options. The pros of JavaScript far outweigh any cons, and the modern surfing experience simply doesn’t work without it. With that in mind, it’s important to know how to enable JavaScript in Mozilla just in case.


These tips and tweaks will almost always result in immediate improvement in the performance of your Firefox browser. Unfortunately, the two most common causes of low browser speed are tabs and add-ons. Today there are add-ons for practically everything, but we don’t need most of them. Unless you get a handle on how you employ tabs, the effect of these tweaks will be short-lived. Learning how to manage tabs will undoubtedly improve your overall browsing experience.

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